The Infrastructure Co-design Kit makes use of specially developed tools generated during the Engineering Comes Home project.

Nexy Tokens

The Nexy tokens are designed for use in community co-design workshops as an initial tool for participants to explore potential opportunities for new infrastructure in their location. The hexagonal design and visual language of the icons allow for flexibility in the generation of “stories” of resource use at the nexus of water, energy, food and waste.

Nexy token pdf for laser cutting on Gitlab


Two calculator prototypes were developed based on Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) data. Both calculators have been designed with a user-friendly front-end that allows community members explore the quantitative aspects of different infrastructure technologies.

Scoping Calculator

This calculator was designed using input from the Workshop 1: Scoping for use in Workshop 2: Feasibility. It incorporates many of the initial ideas generated in the first workshop, and was presented in conjunction with information sheets that explored other qualitative aspects of the chosen technologies.

Visit the Scoping Calculator

Rainwater HarvestingĀ Calculator

Rainwater harvesting was the final choice of infrastructure intervention by the community. During the Engineering Comes Home project, we collaborated with KloudKeeper to install a smart rainwater harvesting system on location. The Rainwater Harvesting Calculator was developed to enable the community members to design a larger-scale rainwater harvesting infrastructure for their location.

Visit the Rainwater Harvesting CalculatorĀ 


Workshop 1: Scoping

Method (Gitlab)

Example workshop plan

Workshop 2: Feasibility

Example workshop plan

Workshop 3: Implementation

Example workshop plan

Information Sheets

Providing qualitative and practical implementation about various infrastructure technologies, for use in Workshop 2: Feasibility and with the Calculators.

Download pdfs: